3 Critical Home Health Care Services

Growing old can make it challenging to live alone. Many elderly individuals are reluctant to leave the homes they have grown to love, so home health care services can play an essential role in the aging process.

Many people think of home health care services as being merely medical in nature, but these services can meet a wide range of needs. Some home health care services can fulfill critical roles that allow in-home aging to become a safe reality for your elderly loved one.

1. In-Home Safety Assessment

One of the dangers that exists within a private residence is the threat of an injury caused by a fall. For individuals over the age of 65, falls are the leading cause of death. A private residence can be rife with hazards that can increase the possibility of a fall.

Home health care agencies are equipped to provide your aging loved one with an in-home safety assessment. A walk-through will be conducted to identify fall hazards, and an action plan will be generated to help eliminate these hazards so that your elderly loved one can remain safely in his or her home.

2. Nutritional Analysis

Maintaining a healthy diet is critical to the health of an aging body. Elderly individuals often suffer from poor nutrition because they are unable to process a lot of the foods they used to eat. Some elderly individuals can even go extended periods of time without eating if they are unable to prepare meals alone. 

A home health care agency can send in a nutrition specialist to work with your loved one. The nutritionist will analyze your loved ones dietary needs and help create a menu plan that will provide the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain proper health.

Many home health agencies partner with companies that offer meal delivery services, so the nutritionist can have healthy meals prepared and sent to your loved one's home.

3. Physical Therapy

Regular exercise helps increase the body's ability to maintain proper balance. Engaging in exercise can be a challenge for the elderly, but partnering with a home health care agency like Axiom Care Solutions can give your aging loved one access to physical therapy that will aid in proper movement.

Physical therapy can be utilized to help your loved one maintain his or her mobility, and specialized physical therapy services are available to address the unique needs of elderly patients recovering from a surgical procedure.